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A place for your journey.
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Therapeutic Retreats

Change begins here... The Journey Home is a calm, safe, relaxing environment for anyone wishing to explore, begin, or continue the journey to change their lives.

We believe that each of us has an essence, the core of our being. This essence is what makes us unique, and it guides our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs. For all of us, over time, that essence is covered up by events that shape us, mold us, and hide us. Here at The Journey Home, we create a safe environment, so if you choose, you can discover the cloaks that you have put on to survive.


Therapists and other group process leaders are encouraged to follow their own passion and host their retreat here at The Journey Home.

The Journey Home is designed with all facilities being on premises with overnight accommodations for up to 21 people.


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Weekend Rental
The rental period is from 4 pm on Friday to noon on Sunday (2 nights)

January, February, March - $1,000
April, May, June - $3,500
July, August - $3,000
September, October - $3,500
November, December - $1,500

Each additional night (24 hours added to the beginning or end of the contract) is an additional $500.

Weekday Rental

Monday through Friday - 8 am to 5 pm - $350


If you would like to set up an event outside the times listed above, please contact The Journey Home, and we will do our best to accommodate your specific request.

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Deb and I LOVED your retreat center!!! Wow!!! Congratulations on bringing your dream so far along. The Home and the grounds felt wonderful - terrific energy!

John & Deb

The Journey Home

18993 SE 65th Road / Dearborn, Missouri 64439

tel: (816) 501-6350

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